Gan Noe Preschool

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Session 1 (June 20 - July 15)
For Kitah Alef, Bet and Gimmel. 


Session 2 (July 18 - August 12)
For Kitah Alef, Bet and Gimmel.  

For Kitah Gimmel and older this includes 2 week (Aug 1 -Aug 12) Gan Izzy program. Must choose 5 day schedule.  9am -3:30pm. 


Gan Izzy Summer Experience (only)
2 weeks - Aug 1 - Aug 12. For Kitah Gimmel and older. Must choose 5 day schedule.  9am -3:30pm. 

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Half Day - 8:45 - 12:30
Full Day - 8:45 - 3:30
Extended Care - 8:45- 4:45pm
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